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Kitchen Seriguchi

Popular among ladies for their seasonal foods

Japan is known for its four seasons, one that reveals its charms with its flavoursome foods. In Kumamoto, these include black skinned pumpkin and citrus (dekopon) in spring, prawn (kuruma ebi) and lotus in summer, mandarin (onshu mikan) in autumn and green leaves (Kumamoto kyona) in winter. Once these foods are displayed at a shop, you will hear the conversation, “I found dekopon already at the shop!” If you want to try the entire Japanese culinary repertoire, it would be quite an achievement as you will need to travel to each of the 47 prefectures in every season.

The time I came to Kitchen Seriguchi it was when the cherry blossoms fully bloomed and the warm sunshine and the cold air took turns weaving from tree to tree, a dance between the last vestiges of winter and the glimmer of spring. What attracted me inside in equal measure was its display of local seasonal and organic ingredients, combined with the purest underground water from the Kumamoto countryside. A highlight for me is Kumamoto’s famous Higo no akaushi. Higo no akaushi is well marbled which produces sweetness, and the sauce of onion and red wine is robust yet refreshing. It truly exceeded my expectations.

For lunch they offer the set menu accompanied with salad, soup, entrée, main, dessert and tea or coffee. Their entrée arrived on the table offering the sophistication of cooked canola flowers and bamboo shoots. For mains, there are three to four selections of Western style meals such as hamburg steak, grilled chicken and bouillabaisse.They also have daily and weekly specials for dinner, based on seasonal ingredients.

You might think the price is bit high when you first look at the menu, but the number and quality of dishes will you leave you in no doubt that you have made the right decision. And then, I bet you would start hatching plans on how to come back again. Kitchen Serigushi is close to Aeon Mall Clare in Kashima-machi. Why don’t you try their beautiful foods?

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That looks fantastic! I wonder what is the difference between Kumamoto and Kobe beef?

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