Kyushu's Suizenji Gardens

Tranquility in amongst natural looking beauty

By Steve Morton    - 1 min read

A short train ride away from Kumamoto City lays the tranquil gardens of Suizenji-jouen. Famous for its early morning mist, multi-colored carp, and immaculate landscape, Suizenji typifies the natural looking beauty which can be found in so many of Japan’s traditional gardens. Founded in 1632 by a powerful Hosokawa Lord, Suizenji is believed to have been built on the site of a large Buddhist Temple and took over 80 years to create.

Featuring many willow patterned bridges, gravel paths and beautifully planted trees, these gardens are based around a natural spring and is said to depict the 53 post stations of the ancient Tokaido Road, which once linked Tokyo to Kyoto.

When walking around these impressive grounds, you’ll soon notice that despite its natural looking appearance, you are actually witnessing an immaculate man-made creation.

Although famous for its early morning mist, I was unable to witness this great spectacle on this occasion because of the rainy weather. However, not even the dark cloudy skies and constant drizzle could ruin this garden’s undeniable beauty

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