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A Trip to Mount Kurama

Visit the birthplace of Reiki

Mountain Kurama is situated north of Kyoto and is easily accessed through the Eizan railway which has Kurama as its final stop on the line. The Kurama area is filled with history and mystical encounters. It is believed that 6 million years ago Mauo - son, the great defender of spirits has descended to Mount Kurama from planet Venus to save mankind. The “Chi” spot in front of the temple that is marked is exactly where he has landed. Anyone who would stand in that spot would feel the Chi energy or life energy.

Another story that makes this Mountain famous is the story of Dr Usui, the creator of the holistic form of healing called Reiki. It is said that he went on a 21 days pilgrimage in Kurama mountain and on the 21st day he got enlightened while meditating near a tree. It is then when he had discovered the healing energy.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by one of the trolls known as tengu in Japanese which is famous for its long nose. As you make your way up you will find a lot of temples and shrines of the Tendai Buddhist sect where you can stop for some meditation or a breath of fresh air. There is also a cable car which will save your some energy when you are going up. 

Whether you are spiritual, curious or just wanting to relax, a visit to this mountain will be something you will remember and leave you with a lot of positive energy.

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Reyzi Enditya 8 years ago
i miss this place :(
Bradford Pomeroy 9 years ago
Great video. I was lucky to get a chance to break away from a very busy trip to Kyoto earlier this year and spend an entire day at Mt. Kurama. One of my favorite discoveries was the Kinone Michi, or path of exposed and intertwining cedar roots.

Thank you for your support!

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