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Futaba English & Japanese Bookstore

Rub shoulders with writers at Kyoto Station

The Futaba Book Center is a compact space for book lovers and those browsing for while waiting for the next coach or train. The large windows frame this space which is decorated in earthy colors. They occasionally host book launches, so you might rub shoulders with a famous author, like Fujino Kanae, who was awarded the Akutagawa Prize. Maybe you would be inspired to write a novel like Rashomon.

A limited but mainstream selection of English language novels and guidebooks are also available, from the Michelin Guide to Kansai Restaurants, to “Must see in Kyoto” or “Salaryman in Japan”, as well as Japanese dictionaries and maps. If you are looking for something from Haruki Murakami, Tom Clancy or Dan Brown, chances are you will find something here. In some ways the English selection is similar to what you will find at an airport kiosk, but without the Herald Tribune or USA Today. If you are hungry, pop in to Aoi’s Soba place or the Man on the Moon Pub nearby.

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