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Sabi: Sad Beauty of Nanzenji

Rare views of Kyoto without crowds

This is the third and last story on Nanzenji Temple, which I visited in late January of 2011.

Enjoying the lack of things is how I understand the essence of Japan's 'Wabi Sabi' culture, which also leads to Zen perceptions. Nanzenji Temple at this time of year, in its bare simplicity, truly represents 'Wabi Sabi'. If you look at the first story of this series, "Miyabi: Subtle Beauty of Nanzenji", then this one, you'll see how different they are. Nanzenji in autumn is gorgeous, and you have to fight the crowds to enjoy it. Although I love Kyoto in autumn, I also love the tranquil Kyoto in winter! I highly recommend that you visit here in mid- winter to enjoy its serene beauty.

Nanzenji Temple; My Home Sweet Home 1. Miyabi: Subtle Beauty of Nanzenji 2. Wabi: Lonesome Beauty of Nanzenji 3. Sabi: Sad Beauty of Nanzenji

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