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Sakura Illumination at Nijō Castle

Enjoying cherry blossoms at night in Kyoto


Structural reinforcement and restoration will be carried out on all historic structures within Nijo-jo Castle. The various renovations are planned as follows: Honmaru-goten Palace (2017-2023), Tamarigura (2024-2027), Ninomaru-goten Palace (2024-2036), and Tonan Sumi-yagura (2028-2036). Read more

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Nijō Castle holds their sakura or cherry blossom illumination around the end of March each year. Although the grounds do not boast as many sakura as other, more famous tourist spots (like Kiyomizu-dera for example), Nijō Castle's illumination still has its own charm and is worth a quick visit in the evening. Because their sakura illumination is perhaps relatively less well-known, the crowds are a bit smaller, making the sakura viewing more enjoyable and comfortable.

Having said that, I went at a late-ish hour (around half an hour before they closed at 9 pm) so perhaps that was another reason for the reduced crowds. Anyway, it was a lovely little spot to visit, with a very romantic atmosphere!

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