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Three-Story Pagoda of Gansen-ji

Beautiful wall paintings and seasonal beauty

Located near the border between Nara and Kyoto prefecture, Kamo Town is part of Kizugawa City in southern Kyoto.  It has many old and wonderful temples. Although I live relatively near to this town, I'd never visited any of these temples, thinking I could go anytime. On November 24th this year my wife and I decided to visit Gansen-ji Temple, sometimes called 'The Temple of Flowers' .

The three-story pagoda of this temple is a designated important cultural property of Japan. To see it standing among colorful autumn leaves is just amazing. For a month in autumn the first floor of the pagoda will be open to the public, and visitors can see the painting of 16 Saints drawn on the wall called, 'Raigei Heki (Welcome Wall).

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