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Want to See Kimono While in Kyoto?

Suggestions on where to go to see some real beauties!

Ahhhh, Kyoto! While in Kyoto in late November and again in late December, some of the temples and gardens I visited (Nison-in, Tenryu-ji, Kiyomizu-dera, Maruyama Koen, Tofuku-ji) also had quite a few ladies (and some men) there in kimono. You too, if you'd like to try this once in a lifetime experience, can rent your own kimono and then visit these very same places. Be prepared to be gawked at and photographed though! Here are a few of the nicest I saw, some of them worn by foreign visitors. Generally, these are not expensive kimono, but they are good enough! There's also a photo of me in here somewhere. Can you find me?