1000 Cherry Blossoms at a Glance

An amazing spectacle in Ogawara, Miyagi Prefecture

 By Kana Shimoniida   Apr 10, 2016

Japanese people have a special affection towards cherry blossoms, especially when they are found along a river or lit up at night. Visitors can enjoy both these features at one of the most popular cherry blossom viewing events in the Tohoku region: the Ogawara Cherry Blossom Festival. For a reasonable fee you can ride a boat 2km down the Shiroishi River and be flanked by the “1000 Cherry Blossoms at a Glance”. Or you can enjoy some of the food sold at various stands then park yourself under a nearby tree. Nearby Funaoka Castle Park is also famous for cherry blossoms, flower gardens, and a large Buddhist statue.

Access is via public transport from either JR Ogawara or Funaoka Station and a 10 minute walk. Continue your cherry blossom hunting with a 40 minute train ride away to a famous spot in Fukushima Prefecture.

Photography by Kana Shimoniida
Japan Travel Member

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Odilia Djoenar a year ago
Go picnic, with packed food below cherry blossom trees seems like heaven. Must grab this season next year!
Relinda Puspita a year ago
This is my favorite season.
This area is superb!
Melissa Tang a year ago
Ahhh~~ I love cherry blossoms! This is beautiful!
Victoria Vlisides a year ago
What a gorgeous area... and the bento looks so good!