1000 Cherry Trees at a Glance

Best-kept secret Ohanami spot along Shiroishi River

By Takako Sakamoto    - 1 min read

Have you ever seen the remarkable '1000 cherry trees at a glance' along the Shiroishi river? The Shiroish flows from Mt. Zao through south of Miyagi prefecture. The beautiful scene of these cherry trees lining the Shiroishi banks, with snow-capped Mt. Zao as a backdrop, takes your breath away. The trees were donated and planted by the hands of successful business man, Kaijiro Takayama, who grew up in the area. The donated cherry trees have been entertaining sakura lovers all over Japan since then at the Ogawara Cherry Blossom Festival.

Getting there

The closest train station is either JR Ogawara or Funaoko station.

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Original by Takako Sakamoto