Anpanman Museum & Mall, Sendai

A child's fantasy comes to life

By Taki Takiyama    - 2 min read

The Sendai Anpanman Museum & Mall opened in 2011 behind JR Sendai Station. In front of the entrance is a bakery selling baked goods modeled after characters from the Anpanman anime.

The first floor is admission free. It features various goods shops and restaurants all with Anpanman motifs. This is really the best place in Sendai to find Anpanman goods. From books and toys to children's fashion, you can find almost anything. There is even a portrait studio and children's barber and beauty shop.

It will be 1000 yen to enter the second floor. Anyone over 1 year old needs a ticket. On the second floor are a few play areas, a theater showing Anpanman anime shows, and some exhibitions. At an art corner, art project courses take place throughout the day. You can see the daily dance performances from the first or second floors.

The Anpanman Museum & Mall is extremely popular with family and children, so it is often crowded on weekends. With a parking lot, restaurants, shopping, and play area facilities, it is easy to spend a whole day here--for children at least. Don't forget your camera for all the cute photo opportunities.

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