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Antique Cafe 'Zatto Mukashi'

Traditional Japanese cafe with cute Mingei goods!

When I was walking along the Shiroishi River bank to take photos of the winter scenery of the 1000 cherry trees, I needed to take shelter. I usually take photos non-stop for a few hours, but on this mid-winter day it was so terribly cold, I needed to warm my body otherwise I'd be frozen dead. Then I found this antique cafe 'Zatto Mukashi', just off the river bank, which is located between JR Funaoka Station and Shiroishi River. It looked cozy and WARM, just a kind of place I needed. I dashed toward it to find it was closed! (It was New Year's Eve). However, I liked the look of it very much, traditional and interesting. The name 'Zatto Mukashi' means 'somewhat old' or 'roughly old', which also intrigued me!

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