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Floral Garden Obuse

Beautiful garden featuring orchids

After staying in Yudanaka for a few days, one day I decided to visit Obuse which is not too far away and easy to reach from Yudanaka by train. I read about the history of Obuse and was interested in visiting.

Modern Obuse is a very small town, but during the Edo period (1603-1867), Obuse was a prosperous town rich in art and culture. But still there is a variety of art museums, a sake brewery, shops, and restaurants. Obuse is well known due to the famous painter, Hokusai, who spent several years here. A collection of his work can be seen at the Hokusai museum. They’re really great.

A bit outside of the town center is the Floral Garden Obuse. It shows great variety of flowers planted around ponds, lawns and a greenhouse. During my visit, there was a wonderful exhibition of orchids. The floral garden has a restaurant and a shop where one can purchase different flowers and plants.

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