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Matsumoto Backpackers Hostel

A cozy traditional hostel in a converted home

Matsumoto is beautiful city with views to the Japanese Alps that can easily be explored whilst staying at the cozy Matsumoto Backpackers.

The hostel was once a Japanese home so it has just a handful of rooms across its two levels and has a traditional Japanese feel about it whilst still appealing to budget travelers. You can choose from both private and dorm rooms and all come with tatami mat floors and futon mattresses. Dorm rooms are quite small, fitting just 3-4 people in female or mixed rooms so it can be a little cozy. The private rooms can fit 2-4 people depending on the size of your group. This is not a luxury hotel so expect to share the 2 toilets and showers with all the other guests but the small size means you normally don't need to wait too long.

The hostel also has a common area for guests including a small living room and a kitchen. The kitchen has everything you might need to whip up a quick meal whilst the living area is intimate with just enough room to fit a handful of people around the low table and cushions. The vibe in the lounge is fairly friendly with guests and staff chatting away in the evening.

The staff at Matsumoto Backpackers are also a great source of information with a large collection of guidebooks for Japan and other countries as well as a wall full of information on all the beautiful places to visit around Matsumoto. If you need to do laundry, just ask the staff as they will wash it for you for free.

The location of the hostel is great for exploring Matsumoto as well as nearby towns as the JR Station is just a 5 min walk away. If you are arriving by bus it is less then a 10 minute walk. Matsumoto is a walk-able town and the Matsumoto Castle is only a 10-15 min walk from the hostel. Unfortunately the proximity to the railway line does mean you get a bit of noise from passing trains till about midnight so if you are sensitive to noise I would recommend bringing some earplugs.

Matsumoto Backpackers is a budget option that is great for anyone who wants a location close to the station and enjoys meeting other travelers.

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Anonymous 8 years ago
looks very nice.
Anne Lauenroth 8 years ago
This looks quite lovely. Looking forward to my stay there in August.

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