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Your destination for outdoor and active fun

Tangram is known as a ski resort, so what happens between April to November when there's no snow? The slopes that are perfect for skiiing are also perfect for hiking and trying out mountain bikes fitted with special tires. The expansive lawns are of course perfect for golf. And who says you can't use the ski lift on a warm day to check out the view from the top? You will be rewarded with a sweeping view of Lake Nojiri and the surrounding mountains. Take all the time you want at the terrace because with a coffee shop at the peak, who needs anything else? If speeding down is your thrill, try the zip slider or the bobsleds/bobsleighs. Parents can bring their kids to the kids' park to burn up energy at the giant trampoline, the bouncy castle-slide, inflated water wheels, and mud sliders.When the weather is not so good, there's plenty to do indoors. Tangram has an indoor swimming pool and a rock climbing facility.

Getting there

The nearest station is Iiyama Station which can be accessed by the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line from Tokyo or Ueno Stations. From the station, Tangram is a 45 minute car ride (rental car services available at the station). During the peak seasons, buses are available.

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