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Beautiful Ojika Island

Ojika Island is a hidden treasure in the Sea of Japan

I love Ojika Island. There, I said it.

With its old town, kominka folk houses, breathtaking nature, warm people and delicious sea food is a truly a traveller's paradise. Far away from the hustle and bustle of mainland Japan, here in Ojika you can take a break from the commercials, shopping, and scheduled sightseeing.

You can soak in the sunshine and kind smiles of the locals. You can travel back in time while wandering through the streets of the old town or while swimming in the turquoise waters of the surrounding sea. You can rent out an ancient Japanese folk house and explore the natural paradise around you.

This is Ojika Island and it is beautiful.

Getting there

You can reach Ojika Island via night ferry from Hakata in Fukuoka. You can also take the day ferry from Sasebo in Nagasaki. Conveniently, there are also speed boats travelling from Sasebo reaching Ojika in only 90 minutes.

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