Painting Porcelain in Hasami

The traditional decoration process

By Neal Dang    - 1 min read

The porcelain making procedure from Hasami, a village in Nagasaki Prefecture, is an ancient Japanese art. Starting from mining kaolin, the clay is formed, painted, and fired. Each step of the production process is typically done by a specialized craftsman. This video introduces the painting process.

As you can see, he focuses on each detail until completing the ceramic. The decorations of painted porcelain reveal different images depending on which angle you view it from. Highly refined craftsmanship is essential to producing Hasami porcelain.

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Elena Lisina 3 years ago
Is that master real? :)
Victoria Vlisides 6 years ago
Looks like an awesome experience
Neal Dang Videographer 6 years ago
You should try it Victoria, it's really exciting! :)
JapanTravel Guest
JapanTravel Guest 6 years ago
That's something that I'd definetly love to try to do if I'd never visit Japan one day
Neal Dang Videographer 6 years ago
Ilaria, it's really worth trying, interesting and enjoyable! :)
Terrie Lloyd 6 years ago
This guy has a second career imitating a robot...! Great body coordination.
Neal Dang Videographer 6 years ago
Thanks for your compliments! You should come there to enjoy the real one! 😉