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Ojika Island's "Kominka Stay"

The best way to experience "living" in Japan

In so many ways Ojika Island in Nagasaki Prefecture is a real hidden gem. The island's tranquil lifestyle, warm people, beautiful natural scenery and fresh sea food already make Ojika a very attractive travel destination. However, there is another "hidden" reason why this small island might take your Japan travel experience to a whole new other level. If you have ever heard the word 'kominka' then you might understand! The Japanese word 'kominka' literally means 'old house' where, it seems that over the last several years, there is an ever increasing 'kominka' boom in Japan. This boom can be seen when looking at the many 'kominka' cafes, 'kominka' guest houses and 'kominka' galleries opening up all over the country. Ojika Island with it's thousand years of history, is blessed with many old houses where travelers can experience "living" in one of them thanks to the "Kominka Project". This well known project was organized by a well-known "Japanologist", Alex Kerr.

Getting there

You can reach Ojika Island via a night ferry from Hakata in Fukuoka. You can also take the day ferry from Sasebo in Nagasaki. Conveniently, there are also speed boats travelling from Sasebo reaching Ojika in only 90 minutes.

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