Sasebo Port, Nagasaki

Enjoying the International Terminal

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A long time ago, Sasebo Port in Nagasaki once flourished as a military port. In 2015, its International Terminal was completed and now sees many cruise ships arriving and departing from it. The distinctive port scenery with the coming and going of ships is very much on display here in Sasebo.

These days, part of the port is used by both the United States Navy and the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Forces. For those interested, the famous Aegis destroyer ship can sometimes be seen here.

In the vicinity of the port, you'll find Sasebo Fifth Avenue where you can enjoy some decent shopping and food. Close by lies Hikari, a famous hamburger shop in Sasebo. The area's Sasebo burger is quite famous in Japan and with its hand-made and complete taste is a must-try on any visit to the city. I found it to be very tasty indeed.

On the other side of the port can be found the ninety nine islands known as Kujyuku Shima, a part of the Sakai National Park. There are actually over 200 hundreds in the area and the best way to see them is to board a cruise from Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort. The resort even features an aquarium, a botanical garden as well as restaurants. Relaxing while taking in the views of the harbour is a pleasant way to spend the time here.

At night, Sasebo Port undergoes a transformation with its fantastically magical atmosphere. While the atmosphere during the day is nice, Sasebo's lovely calm feeling once the sun sets, makes it a very different experience. A visit during the evening is very much recommended.

The port is only a few minutes walk from Sasebo Station so heading over to have a look is not only easy but a must-do for anyone visiting Nagasaki.

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