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City of mixed cultures dotted with islands

About Sasebo
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Huis Ten Bosch Rose Festival 2024

Huis Ten Bosch Rose Festival 2024

Apr 27th - May 26th

The grounds of Huis Ten Bosch are home to an incredible 2000 rose bushes covering 100 varieties, and an annual festival celebrates..

Toronagashi in Sasebo 2024

Toronagashi in Sasebo 2024

Thursday - Aug 15th

The souls of Sasebo's departed are guided back to their eternal rest by lanterns set afloat on the Sasebo River on the final..

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Where to eat in Sasebo

Big Man Burger Stand

Big Man Burger Stand

Mandy Bartok

When in Sasebo, don't miss out on the town's eponymous burgers, claimed to have originated here in the 1950s thanks to US..


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Watermark Hotel Nagasaki

Watermark Hotel Nagasaki


I found the hotel, where I was going to spend a few nights, in a perfect location with amazing views of the bay; it was right in..

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Sasebo Port, Nagasaki 6

Sasebo Port, Nagasaki


Once a military port, Sasebo Port in Nagasaki Prefecture is home to an International Terminal with scores of cruise ships coming..


About Sasebo

Sasebo lies on the western end of Japan, and is a hub for foreigners due to the presence of a U.S Navy base. The second largest city in Nagasaki Prefecture, Sasebo presents a vibrant option by the coast for visitors interested in urban and natural sightseeing.

The Huis Ten Bosch theme park, which is Dutch-themed, is a major attraction in the city. The rows of tulips combined with the Dutch-styled buildings will transport you to Europe instantly, and the regular fireworks shows add some glamour to the visit.

Sasebo is home to the Sakai National Park 99 islands, otherwise known as Kujukushima. The area actually contains 208 uninhabited islands instead of the 99 mentioned in its name. There are three observation towers — Tenkaiho, Ishidake and Yumihari — to admire the landscape's beauty. Visitors can also get up close and personal with the islands on one of two touring boats at the Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort.

Most cities offer their own special food and Sasebo is no different, with Sasebo burgers all the rage. Dubbed "The Real Burger", a Sasebo burger consists of bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and a sunny side up egg. The burger was a product created to suit American Navy servicemen's appetites in the 1950s and its popularity skyrocketed, resulting in today's long queues at many outlets.