The Magic of Huis Ten Bosch

Illuminations, tulips and One Piece rides in Nagasaki

By Jaime Wong    - 2 min read

Huis Ten Bosch is a theme park located in Nagasaki that is famous for recreating the Netherlands. It has Dutch inspired buildings, tulip fields, and an extremely varied and interesting assortment of rides and attractions. 

My main purpose for visiting this theme park was to see and photograph the tulips and night illuminations. But being a huge One Piece fan, I do have to recommend coming to Huis Ten Bosch because of their One Piece rides. Best of all, you can have a chance to ride the Thousand Sunny in real life!!! I cannot express just how happy I was to come to this theme park, and despite it being a bit out of the way, and costing perhaps a bit more than your average theme park because of the different ticketing system. I recommend it as one of THE places in Japan to visit. 

Do note that their ticketing system is different from the normal theme park where the paid entry ticket covers all rides and attractions. Huis Ten Bosch operates in a way where you pay for the entry ticket, but some rides (like the Thousand Sunny boat ride) require further payment, whilst others do not. Huis Ten Bosch is also quite large for a theme park and it is popular to rent a bicycle to get around the park. Having said that, just paying the entry ticket fee and enjoying the tulips and night illuminations at no extra charge is already great enough!

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