Hotel Fujita Nara ()

Hotel Fujita Nara

Business hotel in central Nara

By Paul Hackshaw    - 3 min read

Hotel Fujita Nara is a business hotel, located about 5 minutes walk from JR Nara station. It is closer to JR Nara than Kintetsu but still within easy walking distance of Nara Kintetsu. It is a large brown building and you can see it on the left as you walk up the main shopping street towards Nara Kintetsu and the shopping arcade. It is handy to all the nearby shops and restaurants. According to some reviews many of the guests are senior citizens. Generally speaking, reviews of the hotel were favorable due to large spacious rooms and easy access to all the tourist spots in Nara, such as Nara park. Gangoji, Kofukuji etc. Todaiji is a 15-20 minute walk but still accessible. 

Checking in Procedure

Under Japanese regulations all foreign guests not permanently residing in Japan are required to provide their passport, where the hotel may make a copy of the photo page. Do not be offended if they ask for ID, they are just following the rules set down by the government. Foreign residents with an address in Japan are not required to show passports. Japanese guests may be asked to show current ID, such as a drivers license, or some ID with a photo, or be asked to provide credit card details for a deposit. The hotel will make efforts to meet any special requests by guests but this can not always be guaranteed. Some services may require an additional charge so please check with the front desk if there are any extra charges.  Charges may be paid for when checking out. Charges may vary from hotel to hotel depending on area, so please check at the front reception. For meals, there is a morning buffet: 1500 yen per person. Japanese and western buffet ("バイキング in Japanese) available. 

No guest parking is available within the hotel premises.One thing to keep in mind that after midnight and the trains stop running many shops and businesses close and the area can seem quite deserted except for some late night restaurants. There is a convenience store near JR Nara station for night owls who want something to eat. Generally it is safe for women to walk around late at night in Japan, also.There are two restaurants in the hotel, one is a bar / lounge where you can easily relax and feel at home. Free wireless Internet access is also available.  Lunch and dinner menus are available in the restaurants. 

Room amenities

There is a clock-radio in each room, and a high speed internet connection or wireless Internet is available. All rooms are non-smoking and are equipped with a desk, as well as a bed. Rooms are generally spacious and twin / triple rooms each come furnished with a sofa. Drinks are available from vending machines on different floors but the only alcohol available was beer only.

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Paul Hackshaw

Paul Hackshaw @paul.hackshaw

I'm 49 years young and come from Auckland, New Zealand. I have now lived in Japan about 25 years, almost the entire time has been spent in the Kansai area. I originally lived in Takamatsu, Kagawa prefecture in 1987 and then moved to Osaka. Spending a few years in Osaka and when I married I moved to South Kyoto/Nara. I have been teaching English at several universities for a few years and since 2007 have been living in Nara. I realised after living here a while that I didn't really know much about the area I have been living in. My usual routine was to go in a straight line between home and work, and a beer on the way home. I have found some great little drinking spots and bars in my travels. Getting involved with Japan Tourist it has offered me the opportunity to go out and explore my neigborhood and to share my adventures as someone who has made Japan my home for 25 years. I hope that through Japan Tourist people will come to see the real Japan and learn a little more about the Nara I have come to know that you won't really learn about in guide books.

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