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Sun Hotel Nara

Sun Hotel Nara is located about one minute's walk south of JR Nara station and is very convenient for business travelers and other visitors to Nara. The hotel is especially convenient for people traveling with large suitcases and who don't want to have to walk too far to get to their hotel. Kintetsu Nara station and Nara Park is about a ten minute walk from the hotel.

The hotel is on a side road just south of the east exit of JR Nara station, the area is largely deserted at night so it is quite peaceful except perhaps for the trains passing through nearby JR Nara station (the hotel windows are soundproofed and covered with a shoji paper screen so you shouldn't hear much noise from outside). The rooms are clean and tidy, and priced reasonably considering the size. Room rates are under 5,000 yen for a single person, and 8,000 yen for two people. The hotel has a western and a Japanese style buffet (biking) for breakfast and rooms are considered reasonable for the cost. Most guests who have stayed here had no major complaints, and emphasised how close and convenient it was to JR Nara station. Cycle rentals are also available nearby. Near JR station there is also a convenience store for late night shoppers and ATM machines for some Japanese banks (Resona, Nanto etc) but usually close for operations around 8 or 9pm.

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