Super Hotel Lohas

Centrally located near Nara Station

By Paul Hackshaw    - 2 min read

This hotel is a centrally located hotel and is within throwing distance of JR Nara station. If you walk out of the East side of the station you will see the hotel on your right hand side. There is a convenience store at the bottom as well as some bank ATM machines. On the second floor of JR Nara station there is a walkway which connects directly with the hotel.

This hotel is convenient not only for business travelers, but also tourists and families. The hotel has an onsen on-site, so its possible to enjoy some hot springs as well. Many of the guests who have stayed at the hotel have included comments on the Japanese travel website and I have selected a few here as a compilation to give you some feedback about staying at Super Hotel Lohas:

  • Wide bed and table, quiet rooms (so quiet its hard to believe you are next to a major train terminus).
  • Wide variety of fresh baked bread served in the delicious morning buffet. Buffet is included in the room charge.
  • Prompt and courteous service by attentive hotel staff.
  • Plentiful closet space with shelves.
  • Rotenburo (outside hot spring bath) available as well as indoor onsen.
  • Hotel reception is on the fourth floor, accessed by a special elevator from ground level.
  • The bathroom (doorway) and bath itself may be a bit small for a large person but this is made up for by the in-house onsen (hot water is delivered by tank lorry).
  • Reasonable room rates, less than 5,000 yen a night.
  • Rooms are fitted with plasma televisions.
  • Air filters are fitted in smoker’s rooms as well as smell deodorants.
  • Check-in from 3pm in the afternoon (no early check ins are available).
  • Ready access to Osaka (Itami) Airport and other airport bus services.
  • 10 minute walk to Nara Kintetsu station and Nara tourist information offices.
  • Handy to be nearby a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced, clean and convenient hotel that is close to central Nara then Super Hotel Lohas would be worth checking out!

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Paul Hackshaw

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I'm 49 years young and come from Auckland, New Zealand. I have now lived in Japan about 25 years, almost the entire time has been spent in the Kansai area. I originally lived in Takamatsu, Kagawa prefecture in 1987 and then moved to Osaka. Spending a few years in Osaka and when I married I moved to South Kyoto/Nara. I have been teaching English at several universities for a few years and since 2007 have been living in Nara. I realised after living here a while that I didn't really know much about the area I have been living in. My usual routine was to go in a straight line between home and work, and a beer on the way home. I have found some great little drinking spots and bars in my travels. Getting involved with Japan Tourist it has offered me the opportunity to go out and explore my neigborhood and to share my adventures as someone who has made Japan my home for 25 years. I hope that through Japan Tourist people will come to see the real Japan and learn a little more about the Nara I have come to know that you won't really learn about in guide books.

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