Photo: Japan Travel
Photo: Japan Travel
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Japan Travel SafeRide Service

Virus-protective private car service for international travelers to Japan

Japan Travel is delighted to announce a new car service aimed at international travelers looking for a safe and hygienic mode of transport from airports to their place of residence. SafeRide is a unique service offered by Japan Travel, in conjunction with a local car partner, with the focus on giving an alternative and virus-protective mode of transport for the post-COVID-19 world.

SafeRide safeguards against any potentially dangerous proximity with unknown persons by ensuring our English-speaking drivers are safe, aware and are outfitted in spotless personal protection. The cars have separation curtains and ventilation, and drivers maintain a distance from passengers from the pickup point to their destination. We also ensure that each car has sanitizer, an ozone device and is disinfected and cleaned thoroughly after each ride.

SafeRide is a service which has been created, specifically, to combat any fears or reluctance about travelling on public transport or other, more orthodox car services offered throughout the country. Japan Travel takes the safety and concerns of our clients and partners very seriously and SafeRide is the game-changing result of this unexpected journey we have all experienced in 2020.

Photo: Japan Travel

Stay Safe, Ride with Confidence

To ensure safety and protection at all times SafeRide has implemented the following measures:

Our Drivers

  • Drivers wear a mask and gloves, changed with each passenger

  • Drivers follow appropriate social distancing etiquette, such as stepping back as you board, waiting for you to leave your luggage before loading, etc.

  • If you prefer to load your own luggage, this is also acceptable

  • Regular temperature and health checks

  • English-speaking

Our Cars

  • Hand sanitizer as passengers enter

  • Complimentary face mask (N95 masks available on request)

  • Curtaining between passenger space and driver

  • Vans, allowing passengers to sit further back in vehicle

  • Open window policy for fresh air flow, or portable ozone device, as you prefer

  • Pre-ride cleansing of all passenger surfaces with disinfectant

  • Trash receptacles for personal trash, bags replaced every ride

  • No ridesharing outside your party

Our Process

We have a strict policy regarding scheduling to allow proper cleansing and driver rest periods. If customers prefer not to handle cash or come in to close proximity to the driver we offer a pre-paid facility. Additionally, SafeRide has a comprehensive English-language support system and we are more than happy to handle any special requests from our customers.

For more information regarding pricing, special services and FAQs please check our SafeRide page.


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Luca De Pasquale 3 years ago
Safety, Efficency, Professionality

High quality japanese service right here on the rescue during thee hard times !
Elizabeth S 3 years ago
Now this is omotenashi, Japanese hospitality, in this difficult time. If I can travel any time soon, this will be my ride.
Sherilyn Siy 3 years ago
Seeing that Covid-19 will be with us for a while, SafeRide has found a niche for those who travel.
Kim 3 years ago
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade as they say! A great way of making travel as safe as it can be!
Sleiman Azizi 3 years ago
Well then, there's a good idea in trying times. Well done folks.