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Mega Crayon: Karaoke and Buffet

Part of a chain based in the Tohoku area, this value-for-money karaoke experience is unique. Located in a multi-story car park, there is self-serve curry-rice, snacks, popsicles and alcoholic drinks.

Experience Karaoke in Japan!

The ultimate 'Rock Star' experience starring you! Enjoy singing solo or with a group in a private room and complimentary beverages. Order food and sign to your heart's content. Sing, eat, drink and be merry, in Japan!

Karaoke Hiroba (Jankara)

Karaoke Hiroba (Jankara)

Karaoke Hiroba is a karaoke chain, with private rooms where the customer can spend a good time singing for a low price and all-you-can-drink.

Joke American Bar and Karaoke Cafe

Kitsch Americana and Maizuru Curry makes its home at Joke American Pub and Karaoke Bar. The curry here is made to order, with a tasty and chewy texture. Only the best ground beef is used, and you can taste the various spices, unlike some of the blander variants found elsewhere.