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Itoigawa Anglerfish Festival

A multi-venue event serving up this local favorite

Venue: Multiple venues in the Itoigawa area When: Late Jan - Early Feb 2024

The Itoigawa region of Niigata is one of the prefecture's best spots for anglerfish (known as ankou in Japanese), and the multi-venue Itoigawa Anglerfish Festival will serve up anglerfish soup for ¥ 500 a cup - it's seen as one of the classic tastes of winter in this part of Japan.

Along with the anglerfish soup there will be other local food specialties available for purchase, plus demonstrations of anglerfish preparation.

The dates and times for the 2023 event are as follows:

  • Nou Venue: Sunday, January 22, from 10:00-14:00
  • Itoigawa Venue: Sunday, January 29, from 10:00-14:00
  • Oumi Venue: Sunday, February 5, from10:00-14:00

Getting there

The event takes place at three main venues.

The Itoigawa portion of the event takes place at the Jade Kingdom Hall (ヒスイ王国館), which can be accessed in just a minute on foot from Itoigawa Station, or around 5 minutes from the Itoigawa IC of the Hokuriku Expressway.

The Nou event takes place at Roadside Station Marine Dream Nou (道の駅 マリンドリーム能生), which is around 5 minutes drive from the Nou IC of the Hokuriku Expressway, or around 30 minutes on foot from Nou Station.

The Oumi venue is around 2 minutes drive from the Oyashirazu IC on the Hokuriku Expressway, or around 30 minutes on foot from Oyashirazu Station.

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Elizabeth S a year ago
Is ankimo anglerfish liver? I've had ankimo a few times at sushi restaurants and it's buttery soft, tangy and fishy in a good way.
Elena Lisina a year ago
Exploring Itoigawa (by a map) I found two places that I'd like to visit: Chojagahara Archaeological Museum and Gekkazan Kaneko Azalea Garden. Have you visited these places?

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