Muramatsu Park Cherry Blossom Festival

One of Niigata's best spots to enjoy spring's beauty

Mid - Late
Venue: Muramatsu Park, Niigata When: Mid - Late Apr 2022

Each year, the Muramatsu Park Cherry Blossom Festival showcases the beauty of spring in Niigata Prefecture. The park has been designated as one of Japan's Top 100 cherry blossom viewing spots, and there are several thousand cherry trees on the grounds to marvel at. In typical years, the festival also includes a range of food vendors where visitors can grab a bite to eat.

Like all flower events, the dates can fluctuate from year to year depending on blooming conditions. Plan for around the mid-April timeframe, but do check the official event website for a confirmation closer to spring.

Getting there

Niigata's Muramatsu Park is located around 6 kilometers (about a 13 minute taxi ride) from the JR Gosen Station, served by the Ban'etsu West Line. Buses are also available from the station to the park for a cheaper alternative.

For those who opt to drive, the park is around 25 minutes from the Banetsu Expressway's Yasuda Interchange, or around 50 minutes from the Tsubame-Sanjo Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway.

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