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The Takedao Abandoned Railway Hike

Hiking through dark tunnels and abandoned train tracks

An abandoned railway in the Hyogo Prefecture has been adapted into a scenic 5km hiking trail.

Formed as part of the JR Fukuchiyama line, it now lies abandoned as trains are diverted down new tracks. However, what is left behind offers stunning views of gorges and mountains as you take on the adventure of also walking through absolute darkness. The hike in itself is not demanding as most of the way is flat ground. Ensure that you bring a torch (flashlight) with you as some of the tunnels are long enough that you won't be able to see either end. There are times where paranoia that a train might come thundering through starts to sweep in but allow yourself to be eased into the comfort that knowledge is power and knowledge indicates that the railway is no longer in use.

Things to bring: Good walking shoes, some snacks, friends, and most importantly a torch!

If you wish to start from JR Namaze station and end up at JR Takedao station, there is an onsen nearby the station you are able to relax in.

Getting there

Take the JR train from Osaka Station to JR Takedao station and follow the paths into the tunnels. The end of the hike will take you to JR Namaze station where a train will whisk you back to Osaka.

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