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Pokémon-themed Tokyo Bananas in Niigata

Enjoy these limited-edition snacks at various Niigata Stations

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If you've headed through Tokyo Station, Narita Airport, or Haneda Airport, it's likely that you've seen Tokyo Bananas on the shelves before. The regular variety of this much-loved snack is a banana-shaped sponge cake, filled with a banana-flavored custard cream - and anyone who has tried them likely knows they're addictively delicious. They also come in a range of limited-edition varieties with different designs and fillings, and one of the newest is a Pokémon-themed Tokyo Banana offering!

Adorable packaging
Adorable packaging (Photo: PR Times)

For those of you living in or close to Niigata Prefecture, you don't have to go all the way to Tokyo to get your hands on them. There will be a limited window from late February until early March where they will be sold at several different train stations across the region.

The themed Tokyo Bananas will be sold at NewDays convenience stores at the following stations:

  • JR Niigata Station
  • JR Nagaoka Station
  • JR Tsubamesanjo Station
  • JR Joetsu Myoko Station
  • Echigo Tokimeki Railway's Naoetsu Station

They come in two varieties - a Pikachu themed Tokyo Banana with the regular banana custard cream filling, and an Eevee variety which has a caramel macchiato flavored filling. Both varieties come in a box of 8 for 1,188 yen (inclusive of tax), and the boxes themselves are adorably presented and perfect for gifting!

Each box comes with 8 Tokyo Bananas
Each box comes with 8 Tokyo Bananas (Photo: PR Times)
The Eevee variety have a caramel macchiato filling
The Eevee variety have a caramel macchiato filling (Photo: PR Times)

The sales period for these adorable snacks will be from February 26th (Friday) through until March 10th, 2021 (Friday), or until they're sold out - so get in fast!

Getting there

The stations that the Pokémon themed Tokyo Bananas will be on sale at are served by the following lines:

JR Niigata Station

  • Joetsu Shinkansen
  • Shinetsu Main Line
  • Hakushin Line
  • Echigo Line

JR Nagaoka Station

  • Jōetsu Shinkansen
  • Shin'etsu Main Line
  • Jōetsu Line

JR Tsubamesanjo Station

  • Joetsu Shinkansen
  • Yahiko Line

JR Joetsu Myoko Station

  • Hokuriku Shinkansen
  • Myōkō Haneuma Line

Echigo Tokimeki Railway's Naoetsu Station

  • Shinetsu Main Line
  • Myōkō Haneuma Line
  • Nihonkai Hisui Line
  • Hokuhoku Line

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