Othello Coffee Roasters

Excellent coffee and perfectly minimalist design

By Kim    - 1 min read

When I visit a new city, I tend to map out the coffee shops I want to check out well in advance. Othello Coffee Roasters was on my radar before I even got to Beppu, and I headed straight there once I arrived for my caffeine fix.

There are brews from different origins available at the cafe, as well as various sweet treats that change on a daily basis. When we visited, we enjoyed some homemade cheesecake with a fresh strawberry sauce that the proprietor had made herself - it was absolutely delicious, so much so that we headed back the next morning to snag some more.

If you appreciate minimalist, clean aesthetics, you'll enjoy visiting Othello Coffee Roasters for that reason alone. Unfinished concrete floors, white walls, potted greenery and wooden accents give the cafe a sleek yet warm and welcoming vibe.

Getting there

Othello Coffee Roasters is located approximately 10 minutes on foot from Beppu Station.

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