Yunohira Onsen

Step back in time at this Showa-era onsen town

By Mandy Bartok    - 1 min read

While busloads of tourists clog the streets and hot springs of nearby Yufuin, Yunohira Onsen sits in relative obscurity just a few miles down the road. This quiet town prides itself on its Showa-era stone pavement, where visitors still clip-clop over its cobbles as they make their way around to the various public baths. If the ryokan in Yufuin are all booked out, try your luck at one of the establishments along Yunohira's small river. Delicious food and private baths are a hallmark of the hospitality provided by Yunohira's traditional inns. 

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Mandy Bartok

Mandy Bartok @mandy.bartok

Japan resident for 10+ years, with time spent in Okinawa, Kumamoto and Tokyo.