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Cafe Tereya in Ushimado Town

In this era of franchised coffee shops with interchangeable decor, background music and staff, it is refreshing to experience a shop which exudes individuality. The engaging, eclectic and warm atmosphere of the Tereya Cafe is an extension of the personalities of its proprietors, Teresa and Hiroshi. Located on the main road in sleepy Ushimado, this distinct cafe is home to an ever changing display of arts and crafts ranging from jewelry, fabric art, and locally produced wood and metal sculptures to prints and handmade postcards.

The relaxing room is deceptively spacious and provides variety of seating styles with a back wall which opens to view a garden area. The unique eye-catching room divider consisting of spools of brightly colored thread is no doubt a nod to Terea's vocation as a fabric artist and fashion designer.The drink menu includes various coffee and tea drinks, mango juice, red and white wine by the glass and a local brew from Doteshita, a microbrewery in Okayama City.

For those driving, a German Non-alcoholic beer is available. Along with the drinks,Teresa provides fresh homemade baked goods. On the day I visited, scones, rolls, a fruit pie and the special "depression cake" were on the menu. If something a bit more substantial is desired, try the vegetarian curry.

There is always interesting music to listen to while enjoying your food and drinks.Cafe Tereya opened in April 2008 and in addition to the comfortable relaxed setting and fine fare, there are occasional live music performances. These, too reflect the varied tastes of the owners and patrons. Recently a Jazz duo (French guitarist and Japanese sax player) performed after the opening act of a local okoto player. Hiroshi is there to welcome you everyday but Tuesday.

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