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Hotel Limani in Ushimado Town

Reminiscing at the downtown waters edge

On a clear sunny day, my assignment was to visit and interview staff of the Hotel Limani. This, however, was not my first time to visit this hotel as when I first arrived in Japan in the early 90s, one of my best friends was posted to Ushimado as the local English teacher. During the summer, I would journey out to Ushimado Town to play tennis in the morning and then in the afternoon enjoy swimming in the Hotel Limani’s pool. Therefore this hotel holds a lot of great memories for me and this is why I have no hesitation in recommending it to everyone.

During the interview with the hotel manager, it was arranged for us to go out on a yacht to take sea-shots facing back towards the hotel. We spent about an hour in the harbor sailing back and forth, getting the right shots and then I had to jump onto a smaller jet boat so I could get shots with the yacht and hotel. It reminded me of sailing in my hometown of Auckland, New Zealand. The Ushimado harbor is a little smaller but you get the same relaxing excitement being out to sea. The view of Ushimado town and hills, the fresh sea air, the warm sun on your face, is what memories are made of.

Hotel Limani is located oceanfront in the center of Ushimado Town. Entering the hotel, you are impressed by the high ceilings, spacious lobby and Greek atmosphere. Immediately in front of you is a white patio opening up onto the blue Seto Inland Sea. How beautiful the view is! Between the pool and the sea are the hotel’s power boats and yachts. Every hour you can ride a yacht and enjoy a 40 minute cruise. The waters off Ushimado are very calm because it’s an inland sea shielded by the major island of Shikoku. The best view comes during sunset as the majestic sights of sun, sea and green rolling hills come alive.

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