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Niimi City has a population of about 34,000 and is located in the north part of the Prefecture.  Over the years smaller towns and villages have been amalgamated, so Niimi now consists of Osa, Shingo, Tessei and Tetta.  It also serves as a crossover point into Tottori Prefecture.  Niimi is made up of an interesting collection of places that has something unique to offer any visitor.  In Osa Town you can try your skills at para-gliding off the top of Mt. Osa. In winter you can enjoy a bit of skiing and after a long day on the slopes, there are a number of hot springs to help you relax. There are also many fresh water rivers to spend the day fishing in.  Each year the city hosts a fishing contest that draws people from all over the prefecture.  The city is also known for its fine Chiya beef, something not to miss eating is its Chiya beef burger.

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Judith Mikami

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Hi, I’m Judith Mikami originally from Auckland, New Zealand. I came to Japan about twenty years ago to experience a culture and country very different from my homeland. Like many who have ventured to Japan I fell in love with the people, culture and places and before I knew it I would meet my husband. I have lived only in Okayama Prefecture and call this area my home away from home.

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