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A Day at Tokashiku Beach

A clear blue paradise on Tokashiki Island

We visited Tokashiki Island (Okinawa) in June for a week and the small island is truly amazing. Not many tourists stay that long as most of them choose the ferry from Naha to go there in the morning and return in the evening. So there is enough free space for you to wander around and see all the treasures.

One of those treasures is Tokashiku Beach, which is not so crowded as the nearby Aharen Beach on the same island. As there is no bus going that way, we decided to take a walk around the mountains. Of course you can also rent a cab or rent a scooter, and drive by yourself. What we found beyond those mountains was utterly beautiful: a nearly empty beach for us to swim, crystal clear blue waters and amazingly white sand. You can get drinks and a little bit of swimming equipment nearby in the village if you like. Tokashiku Beach is a great one-day-trip and a true gem. The beach is also known for sea turtles that are regularly seen here.

Getting there

You can get a map of the island at the Tokashiki port. There is mainly one road to the beach, so you cannot miss it. 

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