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The tapas place of your dreams

By Hillary Lewis   Mar 9, 2018 - 2 min read

If you love tapas style dining and you are in Okinawa, then look no further. I have easily found my preferred tapas style restaurant on the island. So what is tapas? Traditionally, it comes from Spanish culture and a “tapa” is a starter. Food is served in small dishes and meant to be shared, enjoyed, and relished. This style of dining is now very common among cultures around the world. Smoke & Camp is a tapas-style restaurant in Okinawa that focuses on smoked and grilled foods. This is definitely a late night spin on a super fun dining experience. It’s perfect for a big group of friends or an intimate dinner for two.

Smoke & Camp has an extensive menu and a variety of common dishes with smoky twists. If you can think it, they can smoke it. With so much to choose from, we gladly accepted recommendations from our waiter, who was awesome. This restaurant has an amazing staff and the food comes out in a perfectly timed manner. The ambience of the restaurant is very welcoming and rustic with an exceptional choice in music. The music really sets the mood for Smoke & Camp.The food is absolutely amazing. I have yet to order a bad dish, and I’ve had plenty. I recommend trying the “soft spare ribs charcoal grilled “and the “late grinding of squirting ribs” which are hands down, my preferred dishes. The latter is cooked yogan yaki style on a hot stone. If you are vegetarian and a cheese lover, I must recommend the “Camembert cheese dip cheese fondue style” or the “Cheese fondue with spicy herbs.” You will enjoy a wonderful smoky and cheesy taste with the fondues. So now that I have your mouth watering, its time to visit this wonderful place in person.

Getting there

Follow Bay Street of Awase towards Awase Crossing and then follow the road ahead for 500 meters from the San Ae Food Pavilion. 

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