Yomitan Pottery Village in Okinawa

Explore a Unique Local Craft Industry

By Chris Barnes    - 1 min read

The Yomitan Pottery Village is well known for its Tsuboya pottery. In this quaint little village, you can wander around exploring the workshops of 45 artisans who work their magic creating unique, Okinawan pottery. There are numerous red tiled pottery kilns and workshops scattered throughout the village where you can watch artisans preparing the clay mixtures, shaping, decorating and glazing, and then baking each piece. Throughout the village, there are also endless rows of bowls drying off in the sun and numerous shops selling some of the most impressive pieces Okinawa has to offer. To access the village from Naha, proceed north on Route 58, turn left onto Route 12 and follow the signs to Yomitan Pottery Village. The village is open year round however some shops close on Tuesdays.

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