Beauties at Hōkoku Shrine, Osaka

Handsome statues inside Osaka Castle Park!

By Takako Sakamoto    - 2 min read

When I visited Hōkoku Shrine in Osaka Castle Park the other day I scrutinized the entire premises like a curious detective, and found some interesting things that I would have missed if I hadn't acted like Sherlock Holmes! For instance, I found the color of its guardian dogs different from other dogs I've seen in other shrines...they could be called bluish or greenish. I found the color of the statue of Toyotomi Hideyoshi too dark, almost black, for some reason, etc., etc.. If you keep your eyes open and look closely, you'll find unexpected things everywhere you go, and it's FUN! For further guidance to curious things I found in Osaka Castle Park please refer to the links below.

Osaka Castle Park Series 1. Osaka City Museum Building 2. Hōkoku Shrine in Osaka Castle Park 3. Small shrines inside Hōkoku Shrine 4. Shusekitei in Hōkoku Shrine, Osaka 5. Beauties at Hōkoku Shrine, Osaka 6. Shudo-kan in Osaka Castle Park 7. Kyoikuto in Osaka Castle Park 8. Pretty Flowers in Osaka Castle Park 9. Animals in Osaka Castle Park

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