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Cherry Blossoms at Osaka Mint

Hanami by the Yodogawa

The cherry blossom walk at the Osaka Mint is like strolling through a botanic garden overflowing with sakura, the Japanese word for cherry blossoms. There are over 100 varieties on display, especially those with more than five petals, called Yaezakura in Japanese, which bloom a week later than the more common Yoshino variety. Like models at a fashion show, they are feted with the clicking of the cameras and adorations of "kirei, kirei”, praised for their beauty and charm.

The Osaka Mint is moments away from the Yodogawa, where cherry blossoms line the river, and many people enjoy hanami parties amongst the seasonal market stalls selling street food like squid skewers and okonomiyaki, a kind of Japanese savory pancake.