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Kishiwada’s Furniture Makers

How to make a chest of drawers from planks of wood

Hatsune no kagu has been in business for almost 100 years and the craft of manufacturing the chest of drawers has been passed on from grandfather to father to son. They employ ten people at their workshop and they sell the furniture they produced at their show-room in Kishiwada, the home of the Danjiri festival, at department stores and online. There are 14 steps to manufacture a chest of drawers. At Hatsune no kagu they are all done under one roof at their workshop. It takes three years to make a chest whereby step one, the drying of the wood, takes two years. Paulownia wood is dried naturally outside the workshop hall. Two years are necessary to dry the wood so that it does not move anymore.

Hatsune is an officially registered “Kishiwada Brand” and also a registered “Traditional Craft of Osaka”.