Osaka's Koyoshi Sushi

An Anthony Bourdain recommendation!

By Karen Zheng    - 1 min read

Somewhere in downtown Osaka, Umeda, the 50-year old Koyoshi serves excellent sushi that would literally make one’s tastebuds sing with joy! Apparently, it has also been on one of the episode of “No Reservations” by Anthony Bourdain! Small and unassuming, this tiny food bar sits on the corner of a street and can only house a maximum of 12 people at a time. In fact, it is so obscure that it would have been overlooked if not for the queue that begins even before shop is opened. Worry not if you do not speak Japanese, as anything that you ordered would probably taste good anyway!

Note: Be prepared for a 'cosy' squeeze due to the space constraint but it makes for a nice friendly atmosphere!

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