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Museum of History near Osaka Castle

Walk in the footsteps of Osaka's ancestors

Imagine you are Alice in wonderland. You have stumbled across a key to this other world. It doesn’t say “eat me" , but once you have opened the door of the History museum, you can taste, feel and drink in the sights and sounds of another realm. Start in the earliest times and be amazed by the skills that lie behind the precision of the Naniwa palace. Come face to face with ancient warriors and court officials and be mesmerized by the music of a hauntingly beautiful era. Then like a time capsule, be hurled though to the Edo and Taisho period, and stroll the street markets of Shinsaibashi in the roaring twenties, You might even be invited to join a game of Sugoroku, a popular Japanese board game from the turn of the century.