Nakanoshima Island

A green getaway from the busy streets of Osaka

By John Carter    - 1 min read

With any urban metropolis, an area you can visit to get back in touch with nature and enjoy a bit of greenery is most appreciated. Of course Japan is famous for its gardens and shrines but and park where you can relax, play or have a picnic is something you may prefer once in a while, especially on those warm days of the year. When in Osaka, Nakanoshima is the perfect place. Located in the Kita-ku area of the city, the 3 km island divides the Kyu-yodo River into the Tosabori and Dojima rivers. With a large park and beautiful rose garden, Nakanoshima is a charming place to enjoy the sun. Also located on the island is a library and the Museum of Oriental Ceramics.

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