Piece of Peace Exhibition

World Heritage listed destinations, built with Lego bricks

Nov 20th
Dec 12th
Venue: Shinsaibashi PARCO When: Nov 20th - Dec 12th 2021

A special exhibition taking place at Shinsaibashi PARCO will explore a number of UNESCO World Heritage listed destinations which have been recreated in Lego block form. Piece of Peace includes Lego versions of Italy's Piazza del Duomo, the Acropolis of Athens in Greece, and the United Kingdom's Westminster Abbey to name just a handful.

Admission to the event is priced at ¥ 600 for adults, ¥ 300 for elementary aged students, and free for children under elementary age. A portion of all admission fees will be donated to UNESCO World Heritage activities.

Getting there

Shinsaibashi PARCO is located just a minute on foot from Shinsaibashi Station, which is served by the Osaka Metro's Midosuji Line and Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line.

For those who opt to drive, parking is available on-site and is charged at 600 yen for the first hour, and then 300 yen for every 30 minutes thereafter. Purchases within the complex can be used towards full or partial parking validation, so bring your ticket with you.

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Justin Velgus 3 weeks ago
I appreciate a small portion of profits go to help protect UNESCO sites. More travelers and consumers want to choose to support companies that support others.
Kim Author 3 weeks ago
Definitely great value for money, and the fact that part of it goes to UNESCO makes that even more so!
Elena Lisina 3 weeks ago
This is interesting, and even one of the Moscow churches is made!
Kim Author 3 weeks ago
Good point! All I know is it would take me years! 😂