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Ultimate Guide to Osaka Castle: 02

From East Outer Moat to Gokurakubashi of Osaka Castle

This photo story is to guide you step-by-step to exploring the Osaka Castle and the Osaka Castle Park. The second leg of the journey begins at the East Outer Moat. From here, you'll enter the gate called, 'Aoyamon Gate' to reach the Inner Moat. When I visited, I was looking forward to see what it would look like, the very first gate I'd enter, but unfortunately it was under maintenance and covered with ugly gray sheets! Anyway, usually, you'll enter this gate and reach the Inner Moat, coming one step closer to Osaka Castle! From the Inner Moat, you can see the top of Osaka Castle in a much closer distance. But when you cross the Gokurakubashi Bridge, the view of the castle gets bigger and bigger and you can feel you are almost there! For further steps, please refer to the links below.

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