Mount Zao

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Mount Zao
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Mount Zao is a 1,841-meter-high volcano between Yamagata and Miyagi prefectures in the northern Tohoku region. It is one of Tohoku's most famous attractions, offering spectacular views and unique attractions for all seasons of the year.



Zaoonsen, Yamagata, 990-2301 (Map) (Directions)


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Trekking on Mount Zao

Trekking on Mount Zao

Alena Eckelmann

Zao Mountain - Trekking across a volcanic landscape in summer and skiing in winter, plus winding down in hotspring waters.

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Mount Zao


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Inside Mount Zao

Zao Onsen Ski Resort

Within the Mt. Zao scenic area is Zao Onsen (蔵王温泉), a popular hot spring and ski resort. Zao Onsen is especially popular during winter, where th..


Near Mount Zao

Walking around Zao Onsen Town 9

Walking around Zao Onsen Town

Zao Onsen town is located in Yamagata Prefecture, and JR East Pass holders are able to get there from Tokyo station via a 2.5 hour..

Tomitaya Zao Onsen

Tomitaya Zao Onsen

Unlike most of Japan, lamb is popular in this part of Yamagata, and it is almost always eaten barbeque style.

Zao Sumikawa Snow Park

Zao Sumikawa Snow Park

Zao Sumikawa is a popular snow park for snowboarders and tourists who want to see the famous Zao snow monsters.

Zao Eboshi Ski Resort

Zao Eboshi Ski Resort

Miyagi Zao Eboshi is one of four resorts on the East side of the Zao volcanoes in Miyagi. Eboshi boasts a 4,300 meter ski run ..

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