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Yagiya Soba in Nanjo City 9

Yagiya Soba in Nanjo City

Peter Lin

Yagiya Soba is a traditional Okinawan soki soba restaurant in Nanjo City. The food and setting is quintessential Okinawa and worth..

Nago Grocery Store 6

Nago Grocery Store

Peter Lin

Nago Grocery Store is a special souvenir shop and cafe in downtown Nago. It is a perfect place to pick up housewares, art prints,..

Mikasa Matsuyama in Naha 7

Mikasa Matsuyama in Naha

Peter Lin

Mikasa Matsuyama is a traditional Okinawan homestyle restaurant in downtown Naha. The food is simple and inexpensive and incredibly..

The Okura Tokyo 9

The Okura Tokyo

Peter Lin

The Okura Tokyo is a beautiful modern hotel in quiet Toranomon. It has a retro feel but is modern in amenities and with excellent...

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