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Hydrangeas at Mikaeri Falls

Karatsu’s ajisai wonderland

The rainy season comes to Japan every June, bringing a month of wet to most of the country. This is a blessing to not just the nation’s crops and the people they feed, but also to the flora and fauna that need it.

If you’re traveling during this season, one particularly striking highlight—even on rainy days—is the water-loving hydrangea blooms. Mikaeri Falls watches over a lush valley covered in flower gardens that run downstream to the parking area. Bring your poncho and something to keep your camera dry for the Hydrangea Festival.

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Tristan Scholze Author 8 years ago
The 2015 festival runs from 6/6 to 6/28.
Tristan Scholze Author 9 years ago
The Hydrangea Festival has just stated this weekend! Enjoy! And thank you.
James Forest 9 years ago
Beautiful pictures.
Daniel Yoder 9 years ago
Nice! I've been wanting to see some waterfalls of late. Maybe I'll head out there sometime this month.
Tristan Scholze Author 9 years ago
Video of the falls and festival now available: http://youtu.be/8UnnpqdlfRM

If you read Japanese, here's the Hydrangea Festival website: http://ouchi.fhl.ne.jp
For 2014, the festival is on from June 7-29.

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