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Mt. Mifune Autumn Light-up

Scenic wonders since 1845

Mt. Mifune’s 210 m rocky face looks over a pond on the edge of Takeo City, a perfect place for a garden. The park dates from 1845, and each November, the vast area is lit up at dusk as the maples change from green into yellows and reds. One giant maple is as old as the park itself.

The gardens are also especially popular during the spring for the azaleas and cherry blossoms. Here’s a glimpse of the autumn colors.

御船山楽園—Mifune-yama Raku-en—Mt. Mifune Gardens
紅葉まつり—Momiji Matsuri—Festival of Autumn Colors
日本最大級の紅葉ライトアップ「たまゆらの夕べ」—Nihon Saidaikyuu no Momiji Raitoappu: Tamayura no Yuube—Japan’s Greatest Autumn Light-up: A Fleeting Evening (Event name)

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Kim 5 years ago
Headed here in about three weeks time - can't wait! It looks gorgeous and I'm sure it's even more incredible in person.
Kim 5 years ago
Oh, I might be a bit early for the lights but I'm going to enjoy the park and the scenery nonetheless! :)
Tristan Scholze Videographer 7 years ago
The 2016 Light Up will be from November 1 (Tue) to December 4 (Sun). Lights on at 5:30, open until 10 pm. The park is also open in the daytime starting at 8 am.
Elena Lisina 7 years ago
Thank you, Tristan! I plan to visit that place in 2017.
Elena Lisina 7 years ago
Very beautiful!
Tristan Scholze Videographer 7 years ago
Thank you!
Tristan Scholze Videographer 8 years ago
For 2015, the park is open during the day for fall colors from 11/1 to 12/6 (08:00 to 17:30). The evening light-ups will be from 11/7 to 11/29 (17:30 to 22:00).
Tristan Scholze Videographer 9 years ago
The official website (in Japanese) is
Thank you Justin and Mandy. The Light-up runs until 11/30 and the Festival of Autumn colors continues though 12/7.